Board Members




1. Janab Jukaku Abdul Rahim Saheb                                     President

2. Janab Damudi Abdur Rahim Saheb                                   Vice President-I

3. Janab S.M. Syed Abdur Rehman Batin Saheb                   Vice President-II

4. Janab Kasimji Mohammed Ansar Saheb                           General Secretary

5. Janab Siddique Ismail Saheb                                              Additional General Secretary

6. Janab Kola Amiruddin Saheb                                             Finance Secretary

7. Janab Siddiqui Abdur Rahman Saheb                                Secretary-AITM Board

8. Janab Aftab Qamri Saheb                                                   Secretary-Professional Colleges Board

9. Janab Javeed Husain Armar Saheb                                     Secretary-PG & Degree Colleges Board

10. Janab Kola Abdul Wajid Saheb                                        Secretary-High School Boar       

11. Janab Damudi Muhammed Asaf Saheb                            Secretary,Nursery,Primary School & Deenyath Board

12. Janab S.M. Syed Ahmed Parvez Saheb                            Secretary-Works Committee

13. Janab S.M. Syed Hassan Sakaf Saheb                              Member

14. Janab Dr. S.M. Syed Saleem Saheb                                  Member

15. Janab Kashimji Abubakar ali Saheb                                 Member

16. Janab Gawai Sanaualla Saheb                                           Member

17. Janab Shabandri Mohammed Farooque Saheb                 Member

18. Janab Ruknuddin Mohiddin Kochobapa Saheb                Member

19. Janab Kola Aftab Saheb                                                    Member

20. Janab Mohammed Mohsin K.                                           Principal/Ex-Officio/ Member/Secretary 


Our Mission

"Achieving professional

Excellence through devotion"

Quote of the Day
"I think that's how Chicago got started. A bunch of people in New York said, 'Gee, I'm enjoying the crime and the poverty, but it just isn't cold enough. Let's go west.' "--Richard Jeni

Our Vision

"We shape budding managers & computer professionals to develop their personality and equip them with required skills and expertise"

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